Best Food Processors in 2018 -
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Best Food Processors in 2018

Having and using one of these essential appliances is a great way to reduce your workload and save your precious time. Current food processors are exceptionally versatile machines that can carry out more tasks than just slice and chop your vegetables. They are a real asset and also make your time and kitchen more efficient and enjoyable when cooking. You can read a ton of diff. reviews on the


Food processors are handy additions to your beautiful kitchen counter, and some of them are pricey due to the fancy features they provide. These machines can puree beans, chop onions and shred meat in just seconds, which are tasks that could take far longer when done manually. It does not matter whether you are an amateur chef or you are an experienced cook looking to speed up your cooking process, there are various top-notch food processors in the market that can do your job efficiently. Here are the best food processors you can have in your kitchen.


Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY


This is a large capacity workhorse. If you have a lot of work and you need it to be done within a short period, then this device is an excellent option for you. It is a powerful machine that comes with a 14 cup volume capacity and a 720W motor to handle bigger workloads. The device has been in the market for several years, but it is still among the top-rated food processors. The machine comes with a slicing disc, shredding disc, and a unique cutting blade. All of these items are engineered to provide quick and efficient performance no matter the type of food you are processing.


Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor


Food processing devices are handy to have, however, most of them can break your monthly budget while providing features that you will never use. This is a budget-friendly device that can help you puree, chop, mix and shred just like other higher end processors. It features a scraper attachment that is an extra feature the will make you love it.


This unique feature helps you clean both sides of your bowl without opening the lid to use your spatula. The scraper attachment performs its functions, whether the device is off or on. The bowl holds ten cups which means it can handle most of your kitchen tasks without emptying. It has features such as shredding discs and stainless steel blades.


Braun FP3020


This is an all-in-one food processor that does a good job of reducing the effort and time it takes to prepare and cook your favorite recipes. It is a unique machine both in its features and stance. The machine features a 12 cup capacity, which is ideal for both medium-sized and small chores. It comes with a 600W motor which can ramp up to 900W when at its peak performance. It is quite robust which means it can handle various food tasks with a lot of ease. Braun FP3020 includes dual controls that allow you to adjust its speed depending on the task at hand.

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