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Essential Tips for tree care

Growing up, we have all heard the mantra, plant more trees to save the planet. As concerns over global warming and climatic deterioration grow, there is an increased focus on preserving the local fauna. As the most important component of fauna, trees are imperative for the environment’s well-being.

The trees in your yard or garden are not just there to make your property look more beautiful; they provide shade and are home to birds and other kinds of wildlife. They also contribute to reducing environmental pollution and help cut energy costs.

Therefore, it is important to take care of the trees on your property so that they remain strong and healthy and stay productive for a long time.

Tree care; important tips

If you think that only watering the trees occasionally once you have planted them is all there is to tree care, you may be in for a surprise. While trees are generally low-maintenance, there are a few things you need to do to make sure they thrive and stay in good condition. Continue reading to find out.

Water the trees

Watering is one of the most common and essential plant care tips we all are aware of. Make sure to water your plants regularly, especially when they are small and growing. Older trees require water too, but their widely spread roots can also help draw water from the deeper levels.

Trim the trees

Trimming the trees has two benefits. Firstly, if you trim the trees regularly and remove the dead leaves and branches, the tree will stay healthy and look beautiful. After all, a tree laden with dried-up branches and dead leaves is quite unsightly, and it gives the tree a much-frayed look.

In addition, if the tree has too many unruly branches, they may be an inconvenience, and you need to get rid of them before they come too close to your house. Furthermore, loose branches may break off during a storm and cause damage to your property. They can also be a safety hazard.

There a great video by TOH on it:

Protect the roots

If the tree’s roots are compromised, the tree may suffer irreparable damages. If you need to add soil around the tree, do it so that the roots are not spoiled. Moreover, avoid putting any on the roots of the trees, e.g., moving heavy equipment or driving vehicles over them. It will make the soil above compact, which will result in cutting the oxygen supply to the roots.

Add mulch around the tree.

If you live in a dry area, you need to ensure that the soil retains enough moisture for the tree to survive and grow. Adding mulch around the tree is a good way of doing that. It not only makes the space around the tree neat and beautiful, but it also helps the tree retain water.

Mulch can be obtained from grinding old tree stumps. The amount you require depends on the size of your tree.

Use fertilizers

One thing that you should do is to test the soil where the tree is planted. It is particularly important if the tree is not growing or producing at the expected rate. The soil PH may not be ideal, and it may also lack essential minerals for providing nutrition to the tree.

Therefore, you need to use fertilizer to aid the tree is growing well. While younger trees in the growing phase must be fertilized consistently, older trees also require extra nutrition from time to time.

Also, keep checking for pests or diseases so that you can take timely action and save the tree.

Hire a professional tree care company

If you want to maintain your trees and ensure that they are well taken care of, you can hire a professional tree care company that will provide all tree care-related services and ensure that your trees are beautiful and healthy all year round.

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