How Car Lifts for Home Garages Make Routine Maintenance on Your Vehicle Easier -
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How Car Lifts for Home Garages Make Routine Maintenance on Your Vehicle Easier

What are Home Garage Car Lifts?

Most people are familiar with garage lifts that professional mechanics use. These industrial machines are not designed for use in residential homes. Some car lifts are designed for home garages. Home garage car lifts are ideal for people that want to regularly do routine maintenance on their vehicle. They are also great for people that want to build or restore automobiles as a hobby. A home garage car lift will have metal supports on each side that lift the vehicle in the air. These lifts are usually powered by reliable hydraulic systems. Most car lifts have four posts that lift the entire vehicle into the air. A few have only two posts. These operate more like a car jack because they only lift one side of the vehicle. Home car lifts are easy to use because they are operated with the push of a button. Those that want to own a home garage lift should consider how much space will be required to place it in the garage. Some car lifts may also be used like parking lifts. Vehicles may be stacked.

Why Do People Use Home Garage Car Lifts?

Owners of car lifts for home garages can save a lot of money by avoiding the mechanic. Performing required maintenance like an oil change is usually much easier.

Speaking of Maintenance – check out this awesome youtube video on how to maintain your car in a few simple steps:

But let’s go back to car lifts… shall we?

Car lifts usually require very little assembly. Some of them have very compact designs. Cars can usually be lifted into the air within just a few seconds. You’ll no longer have to sit underneath the car in an uncomfortable position with a flashlight. Car maintenance is already challenging for most people, so hydraulic car lifts make the overall experience of working on a car much less difficult. Many people that buy home car lifts wish they had purchased them years ago. Changing or rotating tires is much easier. This is because home garage car lifts elevate the entire vehicle into the air. A person using a jack will usually have to lift one corner of the car because the rest of the vehicle’s weight is resting on the ground. Inspecting vehicles is also significantly simpler. Vehicle owners can check brake pads with relative ease. They might also look for signs of rust damage without getting covered in dirt and soot.

What are the Major Benefits of Home Garage Car Lifts?

Lifting up a vehicle using a car jack is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that about 5,000 people are injured each year while using car jacks. A quality home car lift will safely lift the vehicle into the air. Many models include their own safety features. Hydraulic pressure is much better at reliably lifting a vehicle into the air. Some car lifts can be customized for use with motorcycles or large trucks. The owner can usually simply change the lifting pads. Very little elbow grease is required to perform home maintenance on a vehicle. A hydraulic pressure system is surprisingly strong and reliable.