Kitchen Tips: Finding the right sized microwave -
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Kitchen Tips: Finding the right sized microwave

Microwave sizes and dimensions guide

If you decided to go out microwave shopping at one point in time, it could sometimes become a tricky affair. In your market search, you will encounter various types of microwaves differentiated by their size and microwave dimensions. The following are the common types of microwaves and their measurements that you will mostly experience in the market.

First let’s see how a microwave actually works, before we dig into the best types of microwaves.

Pretty interesting right?

Now we can take a look at the best top microwaves.

  1. Countertop Microwaves

This type of microwave gets sometimes referred to as the small dorm room microwave, and just as its name suggests, it’s one of the smallest microwaves in the market. This type of microwave usually comes with the following sizes and dimensions. Its width usually measures approximately 15 to 19 inches. When you consider a small countertop microwave depth, it measures 10 to 14 inches while its height measures to about 10 to 14 inches.

  1. Medium countertop microwave

The other quite popular microwave in the industry is the medium, countertop microwave. It comes with an expanded cooking capacity, and its power is slightly bigger than the previous version of the small countertop microwave. A medium countertop microwave can comfortably heat almost any type of food. It’s particularly suitable to serve a group of persons ranging from 3 to 5 and applicable for large apartments and homes.

On average, a medium countertop microwave comes with an oven measuring approximately 24 inches in width. Consequently, the medium countertop microwave is approximately 14 inches in height, and it’s slightly more profound than the small microwave countertop as it measures about 16 inches in depth. The internal cooking capacity of a medium countertop microwave can accommodate about 1 and 2 cubic feet in terms of cooking capacity.

If you consider power consumption for this microwave, a medium countertop microwave consumes approximately 800 and 1300 watts. In terms of weight, it around weighs close to 50lbs.

  1. Large countertop microwave

In the whole microwave series, the large countertop microwave comes with one of the highest cooking capacity. Similarly, it’s one of the microwaves with the most cooking power in the entire microwave series. The above features translate to faster food cooking time that gets evenly cooked compared to the other series discussed above.

As expected, the large countertop microwave comes with some of the largest dimensions and sizes compared to the other types. For instance, a large countertop microwave has quite a considerable height that measures about 35 inches. Similarly, this microwave comes with a width measuring approximately 18 to 24 inches. Finally, the large countertop microwave has a depth measuring 18 inches deep making it one of the largest microwaves under this series.

A large countertop microwave can accommodate anything that measures approximately two cubic feet in terms of height, while its width should measure about 2.2 cubic feet. In simple terms, its oven can accommodate large containers and bowls in your house, making it the most suitable microwave for your turkey, duck, and chicken defrosting.

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