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Rifle comparisons between the AR10 and the AR15

If you have narrowed down your rifle buying decision to between the AR10 and the AR15, you probably already know both are excellent guns.

To the extent that, no matter which rifle you choose to buy, you should be very happy with your decision.

There are a few rifle comparisons you should probably make, however, before you make your final decision. Especially as they can impact the efficiency of the rifle you choose in specific situations.

Accuracy at short and long distances — Rifle comparisons between the AR10 and the AR15 should start with the accuracy of each gun.

Both are extremely accurate guns, but the AR10 is more accurate when firing at longer distances. The AR15, on the other hand, is more accurate if you will be using the rifle at closer range.

There are quite a few youtube vids showing this:

Number of rounds needed — Another comparison between each rifle should be the number of rounds you will need to fire to get the job done.

With the AR10, as it fires a larger caliber bullet, fewer bullets are needed to be fired to stop a charging animal or in a sniper situation.

With the AR15, on the other hand, you will need to fire more bullets in both these situations. The rifle is superb, however, in situations where you are firing at smaller, slower animals or in a situation where you are in charge of crowd control.

The range of each rifle — If range is important to you, then the AR10 is the better choice. With the right scope, it has a wider range than the AR15.

In fact, in most cases, the AR10 has a better range than most other rifles in the same class.

The weight of the AR10 versus the AR15 — As the AR10 fires larger caliber bullets, which are powerful rounds, the weight of the gun is heavier in order to be able to accommodate the stress.

Depending on your final rifle set up, that will usually mean an AR10 is around two pounds heavier than an AR15, . Not a substantial difference, but it could mean the difference between handling it easily and struggling if the gun is used by a woman.

How much ammo can you carry? — You will want to be able to carry the maximum amount of ammo, especially if you will be in the woods for a few days.

As the ammo for the AR10 is heavier than that for the AR15, you will be able to carry less of it according to https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/. Take that into consideration when choosing a rifle to buy.

The cost of each rifle — Finally, the cost of an AR10 versus an AR15 is usually higher. Unless you buy a used gun, of course, and then that depends on the selling price of the owner.

Ammunition is also slightly more expensive with an AR10, so take that into consideration when planning out the full cost of each rifle.