The Origin Of The Penis Envy Mushroom: -
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The Origin Of The Penis Envy Mushroom:

Who Originally Discovered The Penis Envy Mushroom:

According to sources, many people believe that Terrence Mckenna was the one who first discovered the Penis Envy fungus. After venturing into the Amazonian rainforest, ethnobotanist Mckenna, who supported the consumption of psychedelic plants, could locate the species for the first time. He found a giant fungus that was prospering with the assistance of the locals, and he collected spore samples from the mushroom. He took the mushroom with him when he returned to the United States and began growing genuine mushrooms from the spores on it.

Who Worked On It Further:

After that, Mckenna disseminated his results to his colleagues and distributed samples to other parts of the country. Mycologist Steven H. Pollock received one of the samples from him as a gift. His goal was to improve this mushroom’s quality, and he separated them and cut the largest ones open.

He worked on improving its genetic composition for several years before noticing that some of the mushrooms were unusual. After he had it dissected, he was able to examine both the original sample and the altered sample side by side. After coming to this realization, he concluded that he was responsible for the creation of the Penis Envy variant by transferring the genetics of the original sample to the mutated form.

Ancient Roots:

The history of the Penis Envy Mushroom, which is one of the most prevalent types of magic mushrooms, is generally similar to the history of psilocybin mushrooms in general.

Psilocybin mushrooms, like the Penis Envy Mushrooms, which are known to alter a person’s state of mind, have been used by people for thousands of years, well before the beginning of recorded history or society as we know it. This may be determined from the ritual iconography that depicts mushrooms and can be seen in a variety of ancient engravings from different periods and locations.

The Use of Penis Envy Mushroom:

As more people gain an understanding of the function of magic mushrooms in healthy lifestyles and how they can play an important part in enhancing immunity and psychological health, there is an increased demand for highly potent strains of psilocybin, which helps to support the approval of penis envy mushrooms and other strains that contain a high concentration of the compound.

Penis envy mushrooms are notorious for their intense psychedelic effects, comparable to those produced by drugs like LSD and DMT. This experience can continue for up to five hours, depending on the dosage, and the most typical effects that users report include hallucinations, shifts in visual perception, spatial distortion, dissociative symptoms, spiritual reflection, and just pure bliss. Some strains can easily be grown at home with the help of a mushroom spore kit which you can easily buy online.

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