Tips on How to Make a Good Journal -
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Tips on How to Make a Good Journal

If you follow a few basic directions, you can make your journal much better and organized. These directions are listed as follows:

            Always Keep Your Journal With You

It is advisable to always keep your journal with you, this way you’d be able to jot down all your spontaneous thoughts. But if you don’t have it with you then write your thoughts on any piece of paper, sticky notes or napkins and then simply paste it in your journal. One primary thing that you must be careful about while writing a journal is that you have to show regularity. Try to make an entry at least once a week.


            Choose The Stationery That Feels Right To You

This is something which is important because a journal is a very private thing and the stationery of your choice will personalize it. Some people tend to make journals with crafted pages while others go with plain white paper. This solely depends on the taste and choice of the individual. But to give it a natural look, you can always paste random loose papers over which you have written your thoughts and ideas. Do not ever think that it would make it look scattered, this a workbook which is supposed to be messy!


            Make Your Journal Hand-written

Handwriting should always be preferred over electronic means. Yes, there are several journal applications available online but the emotions and sentiments that your hand written entries would bring to your journal are incomparable. Hand-writing is more natural as by looking at your previous entries you can always analyze the emotional state you were in when you wrote, based on your hand writing!


            Keep It Organized

Always leave a few pages at the start of your journal so that you can fill them up with the contents as you progress with writing or you can simply fill them with all the topics you have covered and those that you are left with. Keep all pages numbered and all entries listed at the very start so that it is easier to find the desired article down the road!

            Be Indifferent To Grammar, Spelling and All Other Rules


While writing a journal in the raw form, don’t care about the rules, just let your thoughts flow..

This is a workbook, it is supposed to be raw not all finished and refined. It is something personal so you never have to worry about abiding by all the rules that are there in the language. Make your ideas form the perfect rhythm and let yourself loose on the rules!

            What to Include In Your Journal

Some people get confused as to what to write in the journal. Once you get an idea of that, you are all set to make the sail! You can always start with penning down your reactions to personal situations and world events. You can also write down your goals, quotations that inspire you, books to read, songs to listen to, websites to browse and to-do-lists. It can also include your feelings and ideas throughout an event but the trick is to catch them all before the link fades away! feelings and ideas throughout an event but the trick is to catch them all before the link

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