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What are beaded curtains?

If you have been hearing about beaded curtains for a while, but are not sure what they are, they are probably something you have already seen but just did not know what they were called.


What are beaded curtains? — Typical beaded curtains are curtains at a window or in a doorway that are made out of beads.


The beads are threaded onto long pieces of string that are then attached to a head piece. Many strands of beads are attached to the head piece so that there is hardly any gap between each one. All of them eventually hang tightly together, thus creating a curtain effect.


Homeowners tend to like beaded curtains hanging at windows, as they block the inside of the house from the casual glance of passersby. While they do so, however, they also allow light into the home. This keeps the home feeling light and bright, while still allowing for the privacy many homeowners prefer.


Choosing the right beaded curtains — As beaded curtains come in a multitude of colors, sizes, shapes and designs, you will want to decide on the particular look you want for your room before buying them.


Decide if you want a light or a dark color, and if you want the curtains to be all one color or several. Also be sure to consider if a block color or curtains that have patterned beads would be a better fit for your room.


Do you want curtains with glass or plastic bags? Just be sure you realize glass beads will make the curtains much heavier, as well as quite a bit more expensive.


Once you have decided on the style of beaded curtains you would like to buy, you then need to find the best places to buy them


Buying online or offline? — You have a choice of buying your beaded curtains either online or offline.


In most cases, you will get lower prices if you buy online as well as a much larger selection of styles and colors.


The advantage to buying offline, however, is that you can actually see the beaded curtains you may buy before they are hanging in your home. If you purchase them online, of course, you will only have photographs to look at, and may have to guess at the accuracy of a color before making a decision.


International suppliers — One of the big benefits of ordering online is that you will be able to buy the beaded curtains you need directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler.


If you decide to do this from a manufacturer or supplier in areas of the world like Asia or South America, this is when you can find yourself being offered very low prices.


Even when you factor in the cost of international shipping, it still usually pays to order from an international supplier. The only disadvantage being it can take a little while longer for a typical shipment of beaded curtains to reach you simply due to the long distances involved.