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What are custom sequin pillows and why should you get one?

If you are redecorating your apartment and looking for ways to make it look more interesting, one of the things you may have bought is a new sofa or a new bed.


Along with a new piece of furniture, many people also buy new pillows. While plain colored pillows or those with patterns on look nice, a custom sequin pillow can be even more lovely.

What are custom sequin pillows and why should you get one or two for your apartment?

What are custom sequin pillows? — These are sequined pillows that can be created in any color and design you want.

You can also have them made in any size or shape. That means you can really customize the pillows you have on your sofa, chair or bed to suit your apartment perfectly.

Why are they so popular? — People love them as they really are unusual. Each pillow is also created with two designs. One that appears if the sequins are laid in one direction, with the other appearing as you run your hand along the pillow to move the sequins in the other.

As the pillows can be created in any color or design, they are also perfect for unusual gifts or for making an apartment or house perfectly your own.

What types of custom sequin pillows can you buy? — There are so many different designs and styles of pillow, it is difficult to list all of them.

The most popular ones are heart-shaped custom sequin pillows, pillows that feature a specific flag, country or city, or even those with a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name on them.

Pet owners love them as they can have a picture of their pet sewn onto a pillow in sequins. Anime fans adore them as they can have their favorite anime character recreated in sequins.

As sequins are made in hundreds of different colors, you can choose the exact color of sequins to match your living room or bedroom and then have a pillow made with a design meaningful to you.

Why should you get one? — If you like to have things in your home that are personal to you, you do not get much more personal than a custom sequin pillow.

You could choose a photo of your favorite friend, pet, your boyfriend, a city you love, a food you always eat or a film you like and have it recreated on a pillow.

As the price of a custom pillow is affordable, they are also an inexpensive way of creating your home in a different way than anyone else. A way that will stand out to anyone that visits.

Remember too, you can choose a small pillow for a sofa or an extra large pillow to display on your bed.

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