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What are differences between expensive and cheap rice cookers?

If you have made up your mind to buy a rice cooker, you have probably also decided on a budget. A budget that may change when you see all the rice cookers available — from cheap to very expensive.

Should you buy a cheap rice cooker, or is an expensive one your best bet? What are the differences between expensive and cheap rice cookers, and are the expensive ones really worth all that extra money?

Why are some rice cookers much more expensive than others? — There are really only two main differences in cheap rice cookers and those that are much more expensive.

These are that an expensive rice cooker is more able to optimize cooking rice depending on what you will be using the rice for. This usually means if the rice will be used for risotto, sushi, rice porridge or a rice pudding for instance.

The other difference is that an expensive rice cooker is able to change the amount of cooking time depending on the type of rice you will be cooking. It will also change the amount of cooking time depending on how much water you include with the rice. This can be a godsend if you use too much.

Other than these two things, however, both a cheap and an expensive rice cooker do basically the same thing. They cook rice to perfection.

Should you buy an expensive rice cooker? — It really is up to you which rice cooker you decide to buy. A cheap one will do just what you expect it to do — cook rice. A more expensive one will give you more options.

The best way to decide is to come up with a budget, and then shop for rice cookers within that amount of money.

Do they look the way you want your rice cooker to look? Do the controls seem as though they will be easy to use, and will be able to cook your rice the way you want it cooking? Does it come with a steaming rack as well? Is the rice cooker the right size for the amount of rice you will normally cook, or do you need something smaller or larger? Is it as substantial a rice cooker as you would like? Does it have one-touch operation, and is there a ‘keep warm’ button, so you can cook your rice ahead of time and then let it sit and stay heated while you prepare the food that will go with it.

Consider all of these things, then decide if you need to upgrade the amount you want to spend in order to get the perfect rice cooker. You can read reviews and model spec of all popular rice cooker models at thecrazybaker.com

After all, a reliable rice cooker is probably something you will use for many years to come. If not, buy one of the cheaper ones, as it will also do exactly what you need it to do.