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What is a Breast Augmentation?

There are a significant number of different cosmetic procedures that are performed for a host of different problems that people are looking to change. One of these procedures is known as breast augmentation and consists in modifying the look or size of the breasts in various ways. Understanding how and why this is done can help a person to determine if this is right for them.

Breast Enhancements and Lifts

The most common type of breast augmentation is a breast enhancement. Am breast enhancement will increase the size of a woman’s breasts in order to make them appear more attractive to others. Breasts, in this context, are typically filled with silicon which makes them larger and more Full in appearance. Sometimes, the size of the breast isn’t the concern and many people will have their breasts lifted to reduce sagging or have their breasts relocated to more attractive positions. Breast enhancements come in different forms and there are cultural preferences regarding the size and shape of breasts.

Breast Reductions and Surgical Procedures to Remove Breasts

Breast augmentations are not only done to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. Some women actually decrease the size of their breasts often for medical reasons. Some women with particularly large breasts, often due to weight gain, have breast reductions to reduce the pressure that this added weight places on their lower back leading to pain and other long-term health problems surrounding their posture, gait, and ability to maneuver around. Some women recognize in their genetic and family history and increased risk for breast cancer. As a result they often will have their breast removed premature in order to reduce the chance of able team breast cancer as they get older. Some notable actresses such as Angelina Jolie have had this procedure done to reduce their risk for breast cancer and to improve on their long-term health. Breast augmentation and sometimes done in this context to reduce the risk for breast cancer. Likewise, give me a new iPad their breast removed due to cancer, will sometimes have breast augmentation procedures performed to re-create a breast to improve on their appearance and sense of self-worth and femininity. Breast reconstruction after an accident or cancer procedure can create the appearance of her breast that it is no longer present.

Male Breast Augmentations

Some men have breast augmentation procedures that are often done to reduce the size of their breasts. Some men have hormonal imbalances or other problems that lead to them having larger breasts that impact their sense of masculinity. Other men simply are overweight and are looking to reduce the size of their breasts that coincide with their weight gain. The key is that men also have breast augmentations performed but often for very different reasons than women do.

Hiring a Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

It is essential to hire a quality plastic surgeon (visit Plastic Surgery NYC) to provide breast augmentation who can get your breasts into the right shape and size for the life you want to live.

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