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Why are Life sized dolls booming in Asia?

Life sized dolls, or what is called 성인용품, are in high demand in Asia, particularly in countries like China, Japan, and South Korea, but why?

For a continent many still view as a mostly conservative region, why are so many people, particularly middle-aged and older men, going online and paying a princely sum for Life-sized dolls? Let us attempt to answer the question.

A manufacturing hub

There are several contributing factors as to why Life sized dolls are booming in Asia, but one of the main factors is down to Far East Asia becoming a manufacturing hub over the last few years. To date, China is the largest producer of these dolls in the world, with many believing that the Asian nation accounts for a significant chunk of the supply worth billions of dollars. Japan and South Korea all manufacture these dolls but not as much as China.

So, buyers in China, for instance, don’t have to pay as much as buyers outside of the region. Although they still pay good money for dolls, they don’t have to pay for shipping and excise costs. Suffice to say that these dolls are a lot cheaper than what they are sold for in the international market.

Human-like Appearance

The significant advancement in manufacturing technology has greatly improved the look and feel of the dolls sold over the internet. Unlike the older versions that looked like mannequins, the dolls of today have a much better life-like appeal. In addition, there are dolls made of plastic and even latex, among other materials, which further adds more value to their appearance. So people who are into dolls find them to be even more valuable.

Sexual openness

The conservative stereotypes many people have about China and the rest of Asia is not what it was several decades ago. There appears to be a kind of sexual liberation going on in Asian societies as many people are becoming more liberal about their views and sexual practices. Actions and practices that were previously considered taboo are not so any longer as many in Society become more open to new sexual practices.

Effects of the Pandemic

During the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020, many people looked for ways to deal with the negative impact of staying home. During the period, manufacturers of sex dolls noticed a spike in orders for their dolls. To be fair, the spike also took place in the West, but the phenomenon in Asia came as a shock to observers. From 2020 till now, the demand for Life sized dolls has not waned one bit, but rather has continued to increase.

Growing Middle Class

Asia has the highest percentage of middle class growth in the world, and this growth is led by China, Japan, Asia, Singapore, and other countries referred to as the Asian Tigers. With more money available to a thriving middle class population, many more people can afford to buy expensive dolls for one reason or another.

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