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Women’s short hairstyles are coming back

Traditionally, long hair has always been considered feminine, while short hair has been synonymous with independence and liberalism. When it comes to hair length, women have held varying opinions. While there have always been strong advocates for long hair, it hasn’t deterred women from supporting short hair for their own reasons.

In today’s day and age, many women opt for short hairstyles to achieve a bold and unconventional look that makes them stand out from the crowd. As lifestyles have become quite hectic and busy, many women decide to go short for convenience and time saving since short hair is easy to maintain and requires minimal effort.

It is why short hairstyles are making a strong comeback as women from all walks of life are opting for them for multiple reasons. You must have seen various celebrities flaunting various kinds of short hairstyles and probably wondered in awe if you can ever pull off the look, particularly if you have had long hair all your life and always shied away from going for shorter hair.

If you are wondering what a short hair cut can do for you, continue reading to find out.

Low-maintenance: As suggested earlier, most forms of short hair are low maintenance and take very little time to style. Your hair won’t be the reason for you to get late for anything.

Feel lighter: If you are tired of putting your hair in a ponytail all the time and feel like your hair is pulled and causing a strain, going for a shorter haircut is bound to make you feel lighter.

Highlight your features: If you have thick, long hair, you may feel your face always getting lost behind heaps of hair. On the other hand, shorter hair highlights your face and really brings out your features.

Show off your natural hair: Similarly, with longer hair, you probably have been styling your hair all the time to make it look good. With shorter hair, you can easily maintain it with any styling and show off your hair’s natural texture.

Short hairstyle ideas

If you have been convinced and decided to opt for a short hairstyle, there are a variety of styles to pick from. Short hair is very versatile and can look good on all kinds of face shapes and hair textures, and you can pick a style that complements your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. To help you get started, here are a few popular short hairstyle ideas.

  • A short pixie cut with hair cut short all over or long hair on the top.
  • A classic bob with hair till the chin or collar bone. You can add layers at the end to give more volume.
  • A long sleek bob with hair longer from the front and shorter from the back.
  • A classic undercut for an edgy look with hair snipped off from the sides
  • Messy bob with layers to add more texture
  • Bob or short-layered hair with fringe or bangs.

While these are just a few ideas, the key to looking good in short hair is to pick a style that will suit you. It will highlight your facial features and complement your haircut as well as your face shape.

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