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We provide you an extensive collection of lectures and documentaries on various topics that relate to your life and lifestyle. It serves as means of enhancement of your lifestyle by providing you with interesting and helpful articles that might come in handy to fix the things in your life, you were struggling with earlier!.

Top 5 Electronic Devices of 2018 to Make Your Smart Home Your Best Friend

The time is arriving for our homes to start talking to us, or at least to listen to us. A wide array of products are available to help you control everything from your heating and cooling to your front door with your voice.

  1. Amazon Echo

Your smart home needs a hub, and the Echo, featuring Alexa’s artificial intelligence, can do it all. Besides playing music and ordering pizza, the Echo can connect to a growing number of smart home devices, allowing you to control your lights, thermostat, door locks and many other things with the power of your voice.

The echo is a small box of pure awesomeness. Check out this great videos to see what it can really do:

  1. August Smart Lock

August is your high-tech security for your home entrance. Besides controling your door locks by voice with your Echo, it can also keep track of who goes in and out or grant limited time access to a guest or neighbor remotely while you’re away from home. And if you want to keep your traditional keys as a backup plan, August can work with that too.


  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

This learning thermostat may not make your family members agree on what the temperature should be, but it will keep you from ever having to get up to turn it up or down. Even better, you never need to figure out a complicated programmable thermostat because the learning thermostat figures out your heating and cooling habits and automatically programs itself based on your past preferences.


  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick turns your TV into a smart TV and allows you to stream shows with any provider you subscribe to, including Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. But it also makes your TV voice-responsive, so you can ask your TV to play whatever you want.


  1. Ring WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell

What if you could see who was at the door without getting up? What if you could answer your door without even being home? With the Ring WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell, you can do all that and more. As added security, the motion detector will send a notification to your phone anytime someone approaches, even if they don’t ring the doorbell. Like caller ID for your phone, you can decide when to answer and when to just let it ring, and when to just talk to the person from your couch.


The best part of these smart home devices is that they are very affordable (see examples on a website like <a href=””>تسوق</a>), considering the impact they have on your living space. Several of the items are in the one hundred dollar range, with a cap of about $250. For a small investment, your house can become a friend that always listens to you.


If you’re single, tired of match making friends, singles websites, blind dates or the bar scene, you may want to try something exciting, fun and different for meeting other singles. One way to do this is to go on a romantic singles travel tour vacation, like the AFA singles tours. You might have reservations about going out on your own and traveling single, but everyone you know is married so there is no one else to travel with. Singles travel tours are worth taking a look at to see if it’s for you.



The following are some places and activities offered for single travelers:

  1. Outdoors and Adventure Tours – This is becoming very popular for singles,

and if you do your research, there are many top tour companies that offer

extra benefits for singles and limit their tours to smaller groups, giving

you more flexibility.

  1. Tours Overseas – Surprisingly, there are low-budget offers for singles to plan

an adventure trip overseas. Some companies encourage you to fill out a profile

privately and meet other singles to know their interests and make friends

before you leave on your trip.

  1. Cruises – There are cruise companies that offer singles cruises that can take

you anywhere in the world. This is a great way to meet other singles and

participate in a variety of activities and excursions to really get to know

someone. They cater to specific age groups, whether more active or more

reserved activities are preferred. Some also offer single parent cruises so

they can take their children and not have the stigma of being alone as a

parent because everyone is “in the same boat!” What better way is there to

have a romantic vacation as a single than going on a cruise?

  1. River Rafting Adventure Tours – Some rafting companies offer singles only

trips so adults can have a relaxing care-free vacation and enjoy their rafting

experience. Various rafting locations are available to choose.



When traveling alone, singles are charged an extra fee because many travel companies require double occupancy. When traveling with a singles tour company, you can be roomed with another single of the same sex and age which eliminates the extra fee. Traveling with other singles helps you not to feel out of place because there are no couples or families to make you feel that way, so you’re more self-confident.



When checking for a tour company you would feel comfortable with, there are many to choose from to suit your needs. There are matchmaking ones, some who offer tours according to religion, race, sex, a certain activity or ethnicity and some according to age group. There is something for every single who wishes to travel but has been afraid to. Now is the time to try something new and be adventurous as a single. Who knows – you may have the best time ever as well as meeting the love of your life!

What are the Benefits of Getting an Air Filter (Air Purifier) for Your Home?

Studies have shown indoor air quality is actually worse than it is outdoors. The furnishings off-gas, the HVAC unit and fireplace expel pollutants into the indoor air, in addition to chemical pollutants in the flooring. That’s not all.

Homeowners clean their spaces with products giving off chemical gases. They use hair sprays, perfumes as well as body sprays which expel chemical gases. Add to all this the pollens entering the house on shoes and clothing, things in the air entering the house through open windows, as well as pet hair and dander.

These are the ingredients of the toxic air being breathed in homes today. There’s hope, however. Homeowners shiver as they exchange their HVAC air filter for a clean one. Now imagine the whole house with that dirt caught in a filter. These are some of the benefits of getting an air filter from homesmart for your home.

How Do Air Filters or Air Purifiers Work?

The air in a home is circulated then filtered before the air enters the home again. An air filter strips the air of harmful gases, smoke, odors, pollens and other pollutants before recirculating clean purified air throughout the home. HEPA filters, found in all types of air filters or air purifiers, remove almost 100 percent of odors and allergens.

Types of Air Filters or Air Purifiers

The best and unfortunately most expensive is a True HEPA/UV-C filter. These use not only air filters but ultraviolet germicidal light to eliminate airborne germs, allergens, and bacteria.

If homeowners can’t afford True HEPA/UV-C filters, then True HEPA filters will work. They still capture almost 100 percent of airborne allergens such as pollens and mold spores.

HEPA-type air purifiers work on the same principle, but they can be moved from room to room. Permanent air filters or air purifiers have removable filters like the HVAC system. These can be cleaned so they keep removing almost 100 percent of airborne pollutants.

Benefits of Getting an Air Filter (Air Purifier) for Your Home

  1. The removal of unpleasant odors can be a toughie. Smoke from cooking, smoking cigarettes, smoke from the fireplace or wood stove, as well as smoke that enters the house through an open window will be canceled out by the air filter or air purifier.
  2. Homeowners love Fido and Fluffy, but their fur clogs up their owners’ lungs. Air filters or air purifiers filter this out.
  3. Kids come home from school with colds, while their parents pick up something from their workplace. The closed environment of a home means everyone catches what everyone else has. Air filters or air purifiers catch the germs, so families remain healthy and well.
  4. Mold spores aren’t the only things that can close up an asthmatic’s chest. Radon gas, dry skin cells floating in the air, VOCs, asbestos, and other pollutants won’t annoy those with COPD, emphysema, asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems.
  5. A problem for millions of people, air filters or air purifiers battle seasonal allergens.

What Is a Sugar Baby?

Have you ever met a girl that is very pretty but she seems to lack substance? Or maybe she is very intellectual, but quiet or shy. There are so many different qualities that women can carry, along with grace and charm, to finesse their way into a better situation.

That is the story of a sugar baby. A sugar baby comes from many different lifestyles and practices, her trajectory may have been a silver spoon, or poverty. Regardless of circumstances, the goal is the same. The objective of a sugar baby is to make money from a man.

What is a sugar baby?

We have all heard the story of a woman who went from rags to riches, sometimes, she went from rags to riches at the arm of a knight in shining armor. In the cases that a woman, typically younger, locks in with a male suitor for financial purposes, she is looking for a sugar daddy to financially assist her.

In many cases, the sugar baby is a college student, or exotic dancer, looking for an additional stream of income to meet her personal needs.

What does a sugar baby look like?

It is hard to characterize the physical qualities of a sugar baby, because there is someone for everyone. However, a sugar baby is typically an attractive younger women, who takes care of herself and requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. A sugar baby typically has her hair done, nails done, and a nice fashionable outfit and handbag, to keep her male suitor fully engaged to her and no other woman.

What do sugar babies get?

A sugar baby is typically trying to get her bills paid, or maybe a new car. It really depends on the woman and what her needs are at that particular moment. If the sugar baby is a single mother, maybe she needs extra money to make sure that she is able to survive and take care of her children. If the sugar baby is a single college student, maybe she wants extra money for personal upkeep and to go hand out with friends. It really depends on the needs of the woman.

Overall, there are even websites that are dedicated to connecting sugar daddies and sugar babies, like 包養網. Contrary to common misconception, the woman is not always a deceptive ulterior unchaste lady. Sometimes, the man and the woman both want the relationships that comes along with being a sugar baby, because there are no emotional strings attached. Or at least, there is not supposed to be any emotional attachments that could actually serve to appear like a committed relationship. The theme of the sugar baby is to keep her independence while being able to earn extra money from a male suitor, to satisfy her own actual needs

CBD and Cancer: Facts and Myths

It seems like cancer is running rampant through society. There is a long list of potentially cancer-causing chemicals to avoid that seems to grow longer every day. If you or a loved one has been plagued with cancer there are a lot of decisions regarding treatment. No doubt, medical marijuana is among one of those topics of discussion. In the past, medical marijuana has been presented as an option to provide pain relief for cancer patients. While we are continually learning about the uses and benefits of medical marijuana, research suggests that it can actually be used to treat cancer.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is the part of the plant that holds the highest medicinal value without the psychoactive side-effects. This is extremely important because CBD is an alternative to patients who had previously been using cannabis and suffering from psychoactive side-effects or feeling “high”. It has been shown to be effective in treating inflammation, pain and even cancer.

Benefits of CBD

Scientists are focusing more and more on CBD, and research indicates that regular use can provide pain relief while actually reducing the number of cancer cells in the body. The National Cancer Institute lists blocked cell growth, and decreased amount of blood vessels supplying tumors as other cancer-fighting benefits of CBD. CBD also has the capability to provide cancer patients with better moods, increased appetite, better sleep and reduced nausea and fatigue.

How to Acquire and Take CBD

There are many different options when seeking CBD. The first step is getting a prescription from your doctor. Your doctor will give you a prescription and a dosage; you and your doctor may need to play around with the dosage until you get it right. Once you have your prescription you can start experimenting with different forms of CBD oil. Because every cancer patient is so unique, there are numerous forms of CBD oil to accommodate. There are oral capsules, drops, sprays, lotions/serums, or it can be made into CBD tincture. There are endless options, and patients should use a trial and error process until finding the perfect form and dose.

Is CBD a Safe Option?

Although the use of cannabis oil is not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it is legal for medicinal purposes in many states. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the better strains to take because it doesn’t come with psychoactive side effects while also being destructive toward cancer cells. CBD is considered a fairly safe treatment, but it can come with some unpleasant side-effects. Patients might experience disorientation, negative feelings, anxiety or paranoia. When patients smoke CBD, harmful chemicals are released into the air, similar to when tobacco is smoked.

When considering treatment and management of cancer, CBD is considered safe and effective. Scientists are continually researching the benefits of CBD and possible other cannabis strains that might help patients in the future.

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