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Driving In Australia Using a Chinese Driving License

Australia has natural beauty, diverse culture, and it attracts many visitors worldwide. The transport system is different from other countries like China. Visitors need to learn about transport in cities, especially cities like Melbourne and Sydney, which have many tourist attractions, for instance, Penguin Island.


Driving in Australia, you can opt to rent a car using a Chinese license; all you require is to bring your original Chinese driver’s license, credit card, and a copy of your Chinese translation. Each state in Australia has different rules, and they all recognize the International right to drive.

The following are the things you need to know while driving in Australia.


 Have an International driving permit.

Visitors who hold a temporary visa should drive with an International driving permit. This visa is not issued directly in mainland China. If one applies in Hong Kong for a driver’s license, he can access the right to drive. The fee is high, so if a Chinese visitor is only coming for a road trip, the permit may not be a good idea.


 Drive with a certified translation.

Driving in Australia, the Chinese should drive using a Chinese driver’s license and a translation authority. Australia accepts translation that is certified by certified translators like Aussie 驾照翻译 services.


 Valid documents

While driving using a Chinese driving license, the driver should always carry his passport, visa, original driving license, and an original translation copy.

 Duration

In Northern Australia, they allow the drivers to use a temporary visa to drive for three months. Afterward, the driver applies for a local driving license. In other States, the driver is allowed to move around until his permit expires.


 Learner license

He can use any permit when driving using a learner’s license and a valid Chinese driver’s license. If he decides to use the learner license, he must use L-plate and follow all the restrictions.


 Buying a car

When purchasing a vehicle and not being a resident, you don’t need a Chinese license to buy the car.


 Citizenship

After obtaining citizenship in Australia for three months, the driver cannot use the Chinese driver’s license to get the Australian driver’s license.


 Keep left

Driving in Australia, the driver should always keep left. There are signs on the map, red is right, and blue stands for left. If the driver is not conversant with the rules, he should find a coach to train him.


 Special roads

Roads networks vary in type, provision of series, and surface. Roads in Australia are unique, and this can pose a challenge. Some towns have long distances between them, and accessing fuel, food, and water can be challenging.

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